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Thread: NVIDIA Wants To Be A Better Linux Patron

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    I apologize for being offensive or immature, but responding to what FuturePilot said:

    This is the kind of thinking that is hurting us as a community. I believe that instead we need to strive for what we believe in. We need to remind ourselves of what our goals are and what our principles are, and strive for them.

    We need to fight against patents, binary blobs and educate hardware manufacturers to play nicely with the Linux community. If they won't cooperate, well, we have the choice not to buy from them and the choice to buy from hardware manufacturers that respect our freedom and our community. But make sure that when you are buying from a hardware vendor that respects you, you also explain the hardware vendor why you are not buying from them, so that they get educated.

    Compromises like what FuturePilot is suggesting won't take us anywhere, but to a world of discontrol and pain where we (and the Linux developers) don't have the control of our computing anymore. This is not good.

    Never surrender. YOU have the control of everything.
    Agree, but if you want it your way, you need to take more marketshare.

    You need to be more competitive in the desktop.

    Linus himself has stated here "Why is Linux not competitive on the desktop front?":
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