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Thread: NVIDIA Wants To Be A Better Linux Patron

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    I am interested in ARM for a personal Cloud server + tablet client solution.
    This KDE tablet is what I will go with as my first purchase in that arena: <- the Vivaldi 'Spark' KDE Tablet with open hardware (and reversed engineerd GPU)

    The server itself will be probably one of those China open Linux computers. There has to be an open NAS solution possible or I will go with AMD untill that's possible.

    The next desktop will be Windows + Linux combination in the form of an AMD Fusion laptop ('ultrabook AMD style'). Let's see if nVidia can get behind Gdev and it will be a regular AMD Fusion+GeForce or Intel Sandy Bitch(if open GPU)+GeForce. But I bet they won't.

    I gave my ideas. The discussion is dead. I will conclude that I will buy nVidia hardware if it's opened up, by nVidia, combined with a consotrium based compute standard and Gdev, to serve as a non-DRM compute card. For as long as that is not the case, I will go with AMD. It's up to nVidia.
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