i am designer and and i work mostly Autodesk Maya 2009, 2012, Zbrush, Mudbox, Adobe suite 5.5, xnormal and little bit but not too musch autocad yet. i want new workstation graphic card and at present i have NVIDIA GEforsce 9600 GT. but i not play too much game on it. i have Intel Core 2 Extreme CPU X950 3.00GHZ CPU , Intle DP45SG motherboard with 8GB 1333 MHz RAM. My budget is near about 300$.
i have few questions
1st did i buy card who support both Gaming and 3D work ?
2nd Nvidia quadro 600 or ATI fire-pro 4800 & 4900 (did they fast up rendering time)?
and i saw some reviews on web about AIT that it have a compatibility issue with 3D work with MAYA. what is your opinion about that?
3rd i am at present not do very high work but stll i use v-ray render so did i go above entry to mid rang lavel ?
4th did these card (nvidia and ati ddr5) support my cpu?