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Do you use Linux or another OS?

I want to build a home file server eventually and am still undecided on OS choice.
Ubuntu 12.04 server at home. See http://zfsonlinux.org/

RHEL5+6 at work - using ext4 and GFS there.

The home system is effectively a testbed to see what does and doesn't break.

I'm pushing for ZFS at $orkplace because it's so robust - performance largely doesn't matter for what we do (24/7 data archives, not oodles of HPC) as long as it's "fast enough".

ZFS's biggest win on petabyte scale systems is that it can do online scrubbing - no more offline fscks - and that allows us to use big cheap data drawers for "thumper" style MAID storage, instead of using big RAID/MAID drawers that cost $10-20k more.

It's just a pity that SAM-QFS isn't being considered for Linux porting....