Yet another ban Qaridarium thread!
I am anticipate writing this because I think I can do it better than what they will write anyway against me. So I'm at least sure that it is well written.
Qaridarium must be banned because he represents the Catharsis of cleaning by aggression,anger and rage. This hurt the human right of freedom of faith because the Cartharsis force them to the Truth and in the name of “freedom of faith” we need to protect the “Lie”

Qaridarium is the exception he always swims against the current because of this he need to be banned because this makes a bad feeling for the other fishes.

Qaridarium is the pure horror like Cthulhu itself and if we don't ban him the Cthulhu Mythos will be true and all life on earth will die in pain.

Qaridarium is the pure isolated hard anti-style because of this we can only save our mental health if we ban him instantly.

Qaridarium is cheating in the Spock,scissors,paper,rock and lizard game because he beats all variables by himself because of this he need to be banned!