Hello Everyone,

I don't know if this is the right place to ask this but. I live in Portugal, and I start searching a laptop for my studies. I am studing on the university to became Software Engineer. And I wanted a laptop 100% compactible with Gnu/Linux. I am using an Asus 1215N (so as you may understand, it isn't quite the joy... and I'm just talking about the Optimus nothing else).

So I needed a cheap laptop (as a student I don't have lot of money, in fact in order to buy a new laptop I need to sell of trade my Asus 1215N), where I could run Gnu/Linux perfectly, and by this I mean :

- No Ati or Nvidia (even knowing I will use my laptop for gaming/software development, I want something totally opensource. Because I simply had enough of all of the nVidia/Ati wories in Linux), so an Intel would be nice (HD4000 Ivy Bridge if possible).
- A good CPU (everything more powerfull than an Atom D525 is welcome... and believe me.. It isn't that hard ).
- A decent battery live (since I use it in the university, I need something that can at least last 2 hours)

This requirements are just options, nothing more, if you have another idea, than please tell me !

Thanks in Advance for all your help,
And sorry for my horrible english (and for the mistake if this post does not belong here :S)

Luis Da Costa