While waiting for Intel's next open source desktop board, I found out that Meego did a recent release in which the pvr graphics driver actually works on Cedarview. After playing with it for awhile, I decided to find out if its innards work with any other Linux system, and I had great success moving it to RIPLinuX and Slackware, both of which had the Meego kernel, modules, carefully selected /usr/lib library files and /usr/lib/xorg copied over. After tracking down the remaining missing library files in the object distribution, you get a clean Xorg.0.log file in which it is claimed that the pvr driver is providing direct rendering and has successfully found the 16:9 monitor and its optimum display frequencies. Oh yes, the Meego forums suggest you use 'video=LVDS-1:d' on the kernel command line so that kernel 3.0.0-9.1-adaptation ends up with a screen that fits the monitor, instead of an oversized screen.

I am writing this to you from the Cedarview DN2800 desktop board running RIPLinuX.