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Thread: Potential Good News For NVIDIA Optimus On Linux

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    Quote Originally Posted by RussianNeuroMancer View Post
    2. Ability to disable dGPU to save the battery. This is what you call "main purpose of muxless tech". Catalyst can do this, and you know that.
    Yeah, but the way it achieves that? To use the dGPU you have to restart X, which means closing all your apps. Then, when you're done using the AMD card, you have to close all apps *again* and restart X to run on the iGPU. So this supposed "better" solution because it's "official" requires you to restart X all the time.

    Now on Bumbleblee, once it's installed and you've adjusted select shortcuts to start specific apps with optirun, the experience is from then on seamless. Bumblebee will automatically enable/disable the dGPU, no X restarts required. *That* is the main purpose of muxless tech - saving power by running only select apps on the dGPU. While AMD's hack is nothing more than old-school switching between GPUs.

    Quote Originally Posted by RussianNeuroMancer View Post
    Compare Catalyst and Bumblebee installation/using switch.
    I just did. Your supposed "better" official solution is a lot more hassle than Bumblebee is.
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