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Thread: Potential Good News For NVIDIA Optimus On Linux

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    Quote Originally Posted by RussianNeuroMancer View Post
    Slow down! Gusar, do you get difference between official vendor support and not-official? (If you forgot, I remind you: not-official support "requires you to inform yourself about some things prior to diving in".)
    With Catalyst people magically know they need to be restarting X if they don't want their battery to drain quickly? Hardly. They need to, prepare yourself for this one, inform themselves about it.

    You're saying here that with "official" stuff there's no need for information. Which would mean the only things distros need wikis and forums for is the "non-official" stuff. That makes like total sense! Except it doesn't. Framing the need for information in terms of official vs. non-official makes absolutely no sense. But hey, you've lost all other arguments, so the Chewbacca defense is the only thing you have left.
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