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Thread: Microsoft is trying to replace Linux-based government OS in Russia

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    Default Microsoft is trying to replace Linux-based government OS in Russia


    Microsoft is trying to sabotage huge project around Linux-based "national OS" (an OS, which is used internally for government tasks, but also planned for educational market) in Russia.

    This is cut from Google translate:
    Development of national software platform can cancel
    June 29, 2012

    Deputy Minister of Communication Minister may resign because of the intention to replace the head of the Ministry of Communications NNP Linux-based contract with Microsoft.

    According to Vedomosti newspaper, citing the statement by the Deputy Minister of Communications of Russia Ilya Massuh, the officer intends to resign because of the intentions of the new head of the Ministry of Communications Nikolay Nikiforov refuse to create a national software platform (GMP) based on Linux.

    Resignation Massukh filed in May of this year and said it is the divergence of views with the head of department, who believes the development of RPE unpromising. The deputy minister is sure that this decision puts all governments subject to one of the foreign producers and contributes to domestic producers.

    "Global Agreement with vendors for state agencies - a quick victory, which came to nothing lead. Now Russia - one of the few countries in the world that can make their own operating systems. And the conclusion of contracts with foreign companies puts an end to the domestic industry, as giants such as Google and Microsoft, are not interested in the development of Russian programmers "- explained Massukh.

    On a possible contract with Microsoft was told by a company representative, who confirmed that, during the St. Petersburg Economic Forum Nikiforov met with President Microsoft International, Jean-Philippe Courtois, and discussed potential cooperation.

    By the head of the Ministry of Communications commented on the situation in the social network Twitter, saying that "you should not trust everything so literally that they wrote in the newspaper."

    my comment
    This government OS is developed on contract base by russian company(they won the contract), which also contributes to Linux and opensource in general.
    Availability of Linux-based gov. OS will have huge impact on Linux popularity in Russia, foremost in universities, at schools and among software market.

    And you ever thought Microsoft is Linux friendly or can change?? Think again!

    Somebody email this to Miguel for (tro-) lols.

    It is obvious Microsoft offered minister a bribe, because NO COUNTRY would use closed-source OS for internal tasks, unless creator company resides within this country(and falls into its jurisdiction)
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