thatguy is obviously a troll with 0 knowledge of OS or programming i even doubt he is an engineer in computer science, why i say so?
cuz no engineer or professional whines about crap he don't understand without providing any sort of proof!!!, after all this crap you still haven't even said which problem you have/distro/application/etc, so ofc what the F do you expect.

so you don't post a real issue, you never provide technical responses just stupid rants, your post public like a billboard that you are some average joe butthurted with linux for some reason (that you don't provide btw), linux suck posts in a technical forum about linux(very original btw i bet you are the first) is the by the book definition of TROLL, so is not the community been harsh is you.

if you are trully interested in learn then literate yourself a bit more and find more consumer focused forums first then when you have a better understanding come back.

my last post to you i don't like to feed trolls