I am very happy to announce that first beta version of PanoVRama is available at https://sourceforge.net/projects/panovrama2/

So, what is PanoVRama? PanoVRama is a tiled multiprojector panoramic visualization system developed on Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb. It consists of 6 projectors that are projecting onto a circular canvas, thus providing a 360 degree panoramic visualization. At first, it was only capable of showing panoramic images and videos, but now it also supports Google Earth/Google Street View navigation and flight simulation using Flight Gear simulator.

I would like to thank Phoronix for this article, which motivated me to port Flight Gear simulator to PanoVRama system. And I did that as part of my graduate thesis. A colleague of mine added support for Google navigation as part of his thesis.

The other thing that is also important is the technology being used: X composite + GL_texture_from_pixmap. Yes, indeed this system actually works as a giant compositor with the difference to usual compositors that it uses aforementioned extensions to capture the image from a window and then transform it so that it forms a giant panoramic image.

The system is distributed, i.e. there are 3 slave computers in which each has 2 projectors. The base system is Arch Linux, but it should work with other distributions as well (we first developed in on Ubuntu, but Ubuntu was too bloated for our taste for slave computers ).

There is also an idea to enable 360 degree panoramic desktop using X, but currently this is not possible due to distributed nature of the system (one would have to synchronize desktops and all applications being used on all computers). Actually, this may be possible, but more research is required.

The video showing PanoVRama at work can be seen here: http://youtu.be/xYW5CA_qMZs