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Thread: VIA VT2021 Audio Codec

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    Question VIA VT2021 Audio Codec


    does anyone have experience with / information about the linux compatibility of this piece of hardware: "VIA VT2021 Audio Codec" ?
    The specific product I am interested in is the Gigabyte GA-Z77X-D3H motherboard.

    Sadly, there are very few informations on official VIA sites, Gigabyte Forums and the Web in general so I appreciate any input

    I want to use this mainboard in a dual boot setup with Windows 7 and either Debian, Ubuntu or Gentoo linux.

    thanks !

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    Default No dice so far

    So far I have not been able to get sound through the analog ports on my Ubuntu 12.04 installation with this motherboard. I have only tried using the settings available in Unity for setting up the sound and am still researching options.

    The digital output (S/PDIF) works without a hitch if you have a digital sound system you can plug it into, but headphones are no go from the board directly.

    I signed the petition at and sent email to VIA but have not heard back.

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    Hello, thanks for your reply.
    I steered away from this model and bought a Gigabyte z68 now, but thanks for your effort

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