I use VIA's latest boards and have been playing with both the latest open source drivers (kms_branch) and VIA's drivers. Hands down, the openchrome is way better but in terms of features the VIA proprietary drivers have more implemented.

One issue that I have been having in the latest openchrome is xrandr resizing. It just doesn't seem to work. Now, I have posted several times on the mailing list asking on how to fix it but I haven't gotten a response yet. I wish there was a guide somewhere or even a list of things to read in order to get started with helping out with openchrome. I looked at the code even tried a few patches on my own but it really feels like I'm flying blind without any guide.

So I guess my suggestion is that either James or Xavier (the lead) can maybe spend 20-30 mins to come up with a list of their reference documents or any get started links so that any volunteer can help out.

Note: This not a rant just a suggestion. Those guys are awesome. Also, a list like I want maybe already available but I haven't seen it