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I think that with glibc having adopted its new "development model", the need for the eglibc fork itself is going away.
From what I understand, Ulrich Drepper was perhaps the big reason for the fork, and now that he's gone maybe there's a big kumbaya happening

That said, despite what seems like a very hard person to work with I don't think one can doubt his technical ability. His 'what every programmer should know about memory' is the best source of information I've read on the subject.

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A(nother?) musl user here...
Most alternate libc versions are smaller/lighter than glibc.
musl right now (0.9.2) has partial LSB ABI support, which is a subset of glibc ABI.
Thanks for the info, are there any other features you'd like to hightlight outside the realm of small memory footprint? (although small memory footprint certainly is a great feature, particularly since my interest stems from stuff I'm thinking of doing with my Raspberry Pi)