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Wake me up when Linux devs stop taking the "multiplayer" shortcut and actually start coding some AI into the games.
You should check out the bots branch that we have on github or connect to US1. The bots that we currently have are very much a work in progress but are still pretty fun to play against.

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Now I know I may get flamed for this but....a bit of the reason most ppl are pissed at so many fps games is because they all follow the same quake and UT baked gameplay. No ironsights, jump around, etc. Now with tremulous, it has a really nice feature which is base building and not just lone wolf hopping around, its why i like the gameplay more than most. But I would like it VERY much if there was idk, ironsights or something on some of the guns. It just made me feel so dissapointed that I couldnt use those cool red dot sights on the weps u currently have retextured. Thats one of the biggest ones for me really. It would also be nice if we could see the alien madables while they are running or fighting. Otherwise, I like the gameplay, and I think the way you have redone the animations and textures thus so far is AMAZING, continue using that xreal based engine, man its a beauty to look at, by far, best looking open source game by far.
There was talk about adding ironsights to some of the guns but it was eventually decided against as it doesn't fit the gameplay very well. Adding alien mandibles/claws to the players screen is a requested feature. No ones currently working on it but I'll add it to the issue tracker.