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Thread: Gabe Newell Showing Valve On Linux To Partners

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    Quote Originally Posted by entropy View Post
    I'd fully agree if they had written

    Instead they more or less encourage submissions of "other platforms".
    I'm not sure i understand. They state that project must run on windows, because that's where the vast majority of money is and they are a business trying to make money. Then they state the fact that currently steam works on both windows and macs.

    I'm not sure what people wanted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnc View Post
    So we have...

    - A video driver debacle
    - A kernel that changes every three minutes
    - A sound system that consistently produces audio skips
    - Window managers and desktop environments that simply don't work

    Now ask oneself... what could possibly go wrong?
    Microsoft and Apple seem to have gotten by with that for a long time... >:-D

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