After adjusting bclock to 120MHz, OC 3.1GHz - Debian Whezzy Testing with Linux kernel 3.2 refuses to boot from SATA HDD - can't wait for root device, no /dev/disk/by-uuid/... etc. When i boot other GNU/Linux system from USB, it boots, works ok, however SATA is not visible. I have also Windows Vista, boots fine, works stable. Anything higher than 5% (105MHz bclk) makes GNU/Linux blind for SATA, . SATA mode in BIOS (IDE, AHCI, RAID) doesn't matter. So, do you have some ideas how to make it work with Debian?

HW Specs:
GA-A75M-S2V, Athlon II X4 631, Kingston HyperX 1600MHz 2x2GB, Corsair CX430 V2 430W, Radeon HD 5670, Two Seagate SATA HDDs.