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Maybe someone (you?) could port or clone DTrace, CARP & pfsync, etc?
I would, if i could. But unfortunately, i am so far away from being able to deliver a quality of code like the linux- or bsd-kernel developers do, that i'm struggling of even dreaming about it

But somehow, i`m so happy that things are like they are. Imagine the perfect OS. How boring would it be, if we couldn't achieve anything anymore. It's like life, you can't have all of it and somehow i think, it is a good thing.

But as the post above cites correctly, that people (often management) are simply unable to "see the truth", and therefore unable to paying tribute to people, who have done great things.

Take these kernel for instance, made by people who put sometimes their life efforts in what they do and companies make millions and billions of their work and still, to the most people, they are just "the nerds from the end of the road". So i cant tell you, how much respect i have for the people who make it even possible for us, to have something to discuss about in the first place.

So stating, x is crap and y is king or whatever, feels kind of "short minded" to me.

Heck, what do i love the oss community

And N.B: Oracle Linux is so much better than Red Hat's Linux, because it's made by a bigger company.