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People, soon we will need real good 3D in Linux and I am really inclined to get a 7970 for me in September. I have always had Nvidia, got a 550Ti now working in Linux fine, but I am really willing to get the AMD. So the questions is can I get the AMD? I would like to hear from people that game there. We can not forget the this web site had benchmarks done and they were rather favorable. Left for Dead will run? If there are problems, will I have to kill someone to get it fixed? Please I need feedback, positive ones also because I live in Brazil and this card will cost me 1600 bucks.

Thanks a lot in advance
I would wait, of course. At least wait until there are some recent releases available on Linux, then look at the benchmarks. Buying a GPU now while predicting how it's going to turn out won't do you any favors. Wait, and then buy the right one for cheaper.