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Phoronix must never test the official closed drivers again, you seem ridiculous doing that. Radeon7000 has 4Tflops@32bit wile Kepler has 3.5Tflops@64bit or 7Tflops@32bit(1cuda-core has 2 ALUs). Kepler is 70+% faster than Radeon7000 and twice than Fermi. There is a reason why in benchmarks is only 20% faster than Radeon7000 and 40% than Fermi: When you have 2*GPUs you only have +50% performance, thats not because they don't scale well (thats idiotic and impossible for stream processing), but because the driver turns in quality and precision mode. The loser company uses this trick against Unigine for example, to gain more frames wile losing quality. The benchmark is unable to measure the quality difference, because the benchmark speaks to driver and not directly to hardware. Nvidia has done in the past exactly what AMD does today, when the gtx7800(24pixel processors) it was 20% faster than x1900(48pixel processors). Then all benchmarks changed and gtx7950(2*gtx7800) was 20% faster, wile Nvidia threatens Microsoft that they develop their own API because D3D helps Radeon.
Making up facts as we go along are we?