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Are you trying compare Tegra 3 GPU (7,2 GFLOPS@300MHz) and Xbox 360 GPU (240 GFLOPS@500MHz)?
I think that it is important to recognize that the entertainment value of a device is less about the physical specs than it is about what it can do. Commercial console games are typically boring and unimaginative. Repetitive use of the same concept with different themes and graphics differentiating them. This is mass media developed to satisfy brainless consumers, very much like major music studios (most common popular music sounds the same), hollywood, etc. -- which is so bloated and lost that they can't come up with anything new, so we're seeing stupid crap like REMAKES of classics (from the days when they still had imaginations), and ill-conceived sequels (indiana jones 4, etc.)

I, for one, would be MUCH more impressed by a new, smaller and simpler game, that was unique and imaginative.