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ARM existed long before phones, and are used to make many things that are far more interesting then a phone.

Now if only we could see some of these things get reviewed...
Well, openpandora, beagleboard, and pandaboard is an expensive toys, I'd say.
When ones can sell rpi for $35, just upgrade the mem and the proc, and you have to spend > $100 more? heheh.. Me, pass!!

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Actually I've wondered for a while why AMD hasn't done exactly this. They have all the necessary tech to whip up a console around a dual or quad core CPU and a top end GPU like the HD7900 series. Since they don't need all the other cruft you need in a standard ATX design it could easily be just a single board no bigger then that of a laptop mobo.

What do they gain by this? They likely get chance to set the gold standard for console ports to the PC, since the hardware is the same you can get on any computer. It also potentially puts a huge dent in Nvidia's sponsoring of games as well as the adoption of PhysX and CUDA in the gaming market.
Agreed! Sometimes, I felt that thinking this way is too hard for them (AMD and the like).