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Thread: GCC 4.8 To Improve Diagnostics Abilities

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    Default GCC 4.8 To Improve Diagnostics Abilities

    Phoronix: GCC 4.8 To Improve Diagnostics Abilities

    In a battle against LLVM/Clang, GCC 4.8 will improve the code diagnostics support to better assist developers in debugging code errors/warnings in a user-friendly manner...

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    friendly competition is good, both projects can benefit.

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    Default one can only hope!

    I for one am most certainly tired of gcc's terrible habit of reminding me OVER AND OVER again about the existence of EVERY SINGLE EQUALITY OPERATOR I could EVER possibly use, whenever I make a typo. Honestly it is so bad that there is no point in trying to figure out any error messages after the first one. Thank goodness for fast machines and emacs bindings so I can just recomplle instead of trying to parse the reams of error messages.

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    Nice one, i'm glad that we have a GCC vs Clang, it will surely push the development of both compilers .

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