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Thread: Gummiboot: A Simple UEFI Boot Manager

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    Back to gummiboot, the bootloader look is very basic. It autodetects EFI/Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw.efi and EFI/Boot/bootx64.efi - no need to add a config file for that. Maybe
    shellx64.efi could be autodetected as well, as many uefi implmentations search that at this position when you use efi shell from setup. As the documention is only done by examples those should be done better. Some things i found out and which are not really clear:

    1. You can not boot with initrd and root=ROOTUUID=... only with root=UUID=... - at least not with debian
    2. / in front is always optional, never mentioned
    3. linux/initrd combo is the same as efi with options initd=path\to\initrd - that means all it does it replacing / by \ and adding initrd=... as first option

    I personally do not like that the position /loader is used for the config files. There should be at least a compile override to use a different one, i would prefer /EFI/gummiboot which i used to install the efi binary. A tiny bit themeing would not hurt as well, a title option for the main menu, maybe some color overrides, not everybody likes lightgray on black.

    Here are my test files:
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