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Thread: LinuxMint Maya failed install

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    Default LinuxMint Maya failed install


    I was trying to set up my new system last night, and I only had LinuxMint 13 handy. When I tried to install it, at the end it reported an error that GRUB (or was it GRUB2?) couldn't be installed.

    Some basic specs of the system: AMD Phenom II x4 960, Asus M5A97 UEFI mobo, OCZ Vertex 3 120gb, 16GB Kingston DDR3-1600 RAM, Saphire Radeon 7750.

    Is there something above that could be preventing it from installing? Or is my image corrupt and I need to download a new one?

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    Basically i do not support ubuntu, but without

    fdisk -l

    or in case of gpt better

    parted /dev/sda p

    nobody could help you. btw. you should update the firmware of your ocz drive BEFORE you install something onto it.

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