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Thread: Valve Picks Up Another All-Star Linux Developer

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    Quote Originally Posted by FutureSuture View Post
    You just linked to actual Valve Time. I already had my hopes up.
    There's a (tiny) section on reverse valve time at the bottom.

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    Would be very awesome to see SDL used and backed up by a big company. I mean, SDL was meant to be kind of a DirectX for all platforms. And it could probably use some support. So maybe they'll port stuff to use libsdl and improve SDL (soon to be 2.0) also. Both a benefit for users as well as for Valve and the SDL team. Seems that finally things are happening. I just hope Valve won't just limit their Linux Steam or games just to their possible console (will that be a locked up thing?) but also let the normal Linux participate in the fun on their already existing computers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnc View Post
    Your English is better than most Americans'.

    About SDL: for me SDL 1.2 features complete. Realy simple porting from DX3-5 . (but SDL mixer...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Serafean View Post
    These news posts should begin with 'previously on "valve's hires" ...'

    Anyone else feeling like they're reading a soap-opera?

    Don't get me wrong, I like that Michael reports on the latest VOL (Valve On Linux) news/happenigs (if only to silence the remaining nay-sayers). However, what really interests me are some technical details : how will the games be installed? (my wish is : install where I want them, available from all user accounts) Will the client be easily packageable for nerdier distros?
    Another question would be : will they be participating in the OSS graphic stack development?

    I think one of the least important questions are how the software is packaged. Many distros gets build an alternative solution where certain files gets replaced at right places. I guess it will have just generic gtk/qt gui installer to the /opt with ncurses enable console install or just extract the install package to path. Nothing special from there. Thou there might be some specific packaging for popular distros as ubuntu example.
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    I would have thought that Steam would simply function in a manner similar to how Desura does now?

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