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Thread: Coreboot friendly motherboards

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    Default Coreboot friendly motherboards

    Which motherboard manufacturers are the most coreboot friendly?

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    Since there aren't "many answers" here yet, I guess you can check that best on the coreboot and flashrom lists. Iirc sometimes it was noted when a vendor had actively supported this.
    Still, in any case it depends a lot on the chips used, CPU, chipset, built in NICs and GPUs and stuff. Also, of course the EEPROM chips need to be working with flashrom and this in an info which is not easy to receive. Sometimes asking the vendor helps since the flash chip type is rarely to find in official specs and it might even change during a series of mainboards.

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    flashrom works with many new boards, just try it. But you should know that you most likely kill the mac adress of your nic when you flash the files from the server. For current asus boards the offset is usally 4096 for the first nic. Also you get rid of all settings which are not updated when you use the official tools.

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    there are many motherboard available in the market... so we can't say anythimg..

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