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I know this was probably supposed to be a like for like comparison... but why wasn't the Xen guest a PV guest rather than HVM? I'm not sure why someone would choose HVM with Xen unless there was no other option (eg windows guests).

My testing with Xen 4.x showed PV guests to have approx 4 * the memory benchmark performance over HVM guests which makes a huge difference in SMP applications.

Michael, could you please replicate the tests with a PV guest?

(I'm not really a Xen fan, but this seems like a huge oversight)
I was wondering exactly the same. Why use Xen with HVM when you can use PV?

Also as someone already pointed out scenarios with 5-10-15 VM would be great in comparing Xen, KVM and Virtualbox.

Though improvement can be made in future, it's nice to see articles like this