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Thread: Valve Writes About Their Linux Client Plans

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vadi View Post
    Ahh, the expected rudeness of the elitists. Pity, but I'm glad people at Valve know what they're doing, coming from this community to begin with.
    Sure it may sound elitist to those whom have a cynical mind. I'm helping.

    1.) Distrolock is dumb this isn't supporting Linux it's supporting Ubuntu... This is factual it's like saying only supporting Windows is just peachy and fine.... Can you keep up here or is this too elitist for you?

    2.) Distrobutions will help. This is also a given read any distro's forums about getting (name software) running. This is also a fact there buddy boy.

    3.) Their will be a AUR package probably less than a day later. While this may not be fact and speculation I would wager on it...

    4.) Troll much "Elistist" labeling tool?

    Edit... Sorry in a bad mood I understand this comes off a bit rough....
    FWIW I'm using Steam in wine playing Skyrim. While I welcome native left for dead 2 most of what I already own will still have to have the compatibility layer. Yeah it's a step forward, just not the leap Linux needs so my apologies to anyone offended to whom this means a great deal to.
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