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Wow that seems very impressive .
Clients	Opteron 875	Opteron 2347	Xeon 5345
1	3.1s	         2.9s	         1.6s
2	6.7s	         6.5s	         12.6s
3	12.1s	        10.5s	         20.5s
4	18.1s	        14.9s	         44.6s

Ive gonna be happy with my phenom thats fort sure

Its also seems you need to run 4 vm to get the tlb bug appear, so i can safely run xen virtualization with atleast 2 vm system and the tlb fix disabled . Im considering a 64 bit Ubuntu 8.04 with a 32 bit linux and 32 bit windows vm:=)
After all it would be a shame not to use the virtualization functions of the Phenom.
This is very interesting, I'm also quite interested in seeing benchmark results against other quad-core processors. Like the Q6600 for example.

Now one question, mentioned above is the "Barcelona design"... is the Phenom a Barcelona series processor? In any way equivalent to either 875 or 2347?

I'm looking forward to the comparative benchmarks!