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Thread: Serious Sam 3 Ported To Linux, Running On Ubuntu

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    Quote Originally Posted by kgroombr View Post
    Serious Sam 2 was said to run on Linux, but the results were abysmal. I vow to never purchase a game ported to Linux until it is proven to "Run on Linux".
    I think I remember reading about that back then.

    Correct me if I'm wrong.
    Wasn't it Icculus doing the dedicated Linux server and being paid for that?
    As we know, he sometimes does the Linux client for free, e.g. see Prey and MOHAA.
    This is a much appreciated thing.
    The downside of course is, he doesn't always support those builts AFAIK.
    In these cases clients are provided as is, labeled with a large beta sticker.

    Maybe he just wasn't paid for porting the SSx client(s).
    In that case there is no point to blame him for a lack of bug fixing.

    This time Croteam might take a client port serious, aiming for a Steam release,
    and either PAY an external developer or do it in-house.
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