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KDE is still far to bloated, sluggish and unstable to be considered a usable desktop environment. This latest update does nothing to address these flaws. The only sane desktops for power users and those who want to get work done are Xfce, LXDE and Cinnamon. The rest are junk.
Actually for power users, the only real sane one IS KDE.. at least out of the full blown DEs. Most power users actually use something like openbox or fluxbox, etc. Most Linux Power users would be happy with a screen full of terminals.

I actually run Gnome-shell simply because it gets out of my way more than any of the other DEs. Although sometimes a little too far out of my way (like missing chat notifications), but there are fixes for that.

Unfortunately now Gnome-shell has programmed my brain to utilize the super key to launch the dashboard, so when I try to use KDE or any other Linux DE, it slows me down..

Anyone know if there still isn't a way to make KDE use that key as a way to open up the launcher?