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I think that most of the people who have issues with KDE being slow don't have enough RAM. That is KDE's biggest flaw. It uses huge amounts of RAM. Last I checked nepomuk slows things down too, but that's easy enough to disable. I'd say that KDE isn't bloated so much as it runs too much all the time. For instance, i don't need or want Akonodi (which consumes a huge amount of the RAM I've mentioned) running if I'm not using Kontact or something. I'd rather have the option to only run these components on demand, not all the time. It opens when I open kontact, it closes when I close kontact.

Btw, I can't speak for anyone else, but the Quick Access plasma widget is so amazing. I'm so spoiled on it that any time I use any other desktop envirnment, I get really impatient and flustered because I have to go through all of these extra steps to access documents and what not.
I have a lot of RAM, granted, but I don't find that it uses considerably more RAM than GNOME or Windows (Windows 7 is a real hog). If I only had a gig of RAM, I think it would still run fine. In fact, I ought to do a test and set the kernel command line to limit RAM to 1 gig and see how things run. If you have less than a gig, then yes, KDE will be slow and bloated. Then again, it's 2012. If you have less than a gig of RAM, buy a new computer or just use the lighter-weight, but lower functionality DEs. There's nothing wrong with them. They just don't do as much or look as pretty as KDE.

I disabled nepomuk and akonadi in my KDE install. They were taking up a lot of resources. Without them running, everything is very snappy. Maybe that's the OP's problem?