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Thread: Mesa, ALSA At GStreamer Conference 2012

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    Default Mesa, ALSA At GStreamer Conference 2012

    Phoronix: Mesa, ALSA At GStreamer Conference 2012

    The GStreamer Conference 2012 is approaching next month and there will be plenty of topics to interest Linux enthusiasts at Phoronix...

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    Default preparation

    I really hope this year we will have some more proper video recording. Not some blame put to gnome video recording software.
    There will be less self-praising beer photos. Less links from previous "articles".

    Be a man and admit failure if you fail to properly record it.

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    Lightbulb Video recording

    What do you mean by more proper video recording? I think the videos recorded last year by Ubicast are among the best conference recordings anywhere, and as a bonus they use GStreamer
    You can find them at:

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