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Thread: RadeonSI Gallium3D Gets New State Handling

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    I just find it kinda funny that AMD is deciding to stay out of so many markets. According to Rory Read they will no longer be competing for high performance CPUs, nor will they be entering the smartphone segment. If they can't provide a working linux GPU driver, they can't support android, so forget about android tablets. Ok, Windows 8 is coming, but will it be such a huge success? Are they really betting everything on it? As I said in another topic recently, Intel is coming with Valley View, they will possibly be able to support x86 versions of every linux based mobile OS available: android, chrome OS, web OS, firefox OS, ubuntu, moblin, meego, tizen, (Steam OS?), you name it, besides plain old windows, of course. Even though I agree that there may not be space for all of them it doesn't really matter for Intel. AMD on the other side, has all it's horses on windows righ now, they can't even advertise linux support on their products, so once again they are locking themselves out of potential markets. I really fear where this is going. Windows has been going strong for a long time, will this trend go on with so many new competitors?

    Look at the OUYA, it could have been AMD, but even *ucking nVidia has better support for android. Only a really stupid person would deny that "winter is coming" for windows... 2014-2015 timeframe might be way too late to get on board.

    AMD is giving up market share on servers, on high-end desktops and more or less holding up on notebooks. Their last stronghold seems to be consoles: Playstation and Xbox... Guess what, Steam is coming to linux, rumors of a linux based SteamBox are spreading. IF this is true, and SteamBoxes start chewing Playstation's and Xbox's marketshare, guess who will be going the way of VIA?
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