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Ehh, Mono's current efforts aren't targeting the enterprise, they're creating a framework for developing mobile games/applications. Microsoft could likely not care any less.
PC sales are declining, in the tens of millions. Smartphone sales are still skyrocketing, in the hundreds of millions (and into the billions very soon). There's a reason Microsoft are sinking so much money into trying to be relevant on mobile.

Unity uses Mono to support scripting, which includes UnityScript, Boo or C#, Unity itself (runtime) is not written in C#, it's native and IIRC it's written in C++. How is that 'based on Mono'? By the way, do you know if the Mono devs get even a penny out of Unity's use of it as a scripting engine?
It's not a lot of use without any scripting support. And no, I'm not privy to the details of any financial arrangements between Unity Technologies and Xamarin

By it becoming the dominant development platform on mobile.
Anything less than majority is irrelevant?