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Thread: Ex-NVIDIA Engineer Patent Issue With Open-Source

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    We use index maps for further compressing our DXT already since ~2005 (Doug's patent was filed 2010!) in our open-source project, and I assume many projects did so before us - such an index map is a natural conclusion from the fact that S3TC is block based.
    I know (or assume) Doug just filed the patent to project his project. But the fact he uses the patent (against a non-commercial competitor) is a very bad act imo.
    Not to speak from the patent office that accepted such an application ... (do they even have any knowledge of prior art?)

    Side note, all 3d-devs want a new hw-based (open) compression format for ages but this news showed the field of image compression is already such mined, that just cause of such patents we will still work with S3TC in year 2035 - (software) patents are soo great .....

    +1, expect item (4). The jury should decide the time the patent is granted (in a 2-7years range).
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