There are some arguments that simply aren't worth having. All that one needs to do to demonstrate the current driver conundrum is:

1: Install Ubuntu
2: Install a humble bundle
3: Run each game in the bundle.

I assure you that regardless of manufacturer, model, and OSS/BLOB, you will find several issues. Missing resolutions, tearing, crashing, missing/mangled textures, lock on exit, difficulty entering/leaving fullscreen, and performance issues are just the beginning.

This often leaves the user with the impression that "nothing fucking works", and tends to lead to everyone believing that the drivers suck. We understand that the issue could be caused by our choice of WM, by the driver, by the game itself, or by one of the underlying libraries (SDL). One great example is that my Super-duper RAT7 mouse was causing performance issues due to Compiz syncing with the mouse's high sample rate. Lowering my mouse sample rate fixed my OGL performance issue.

It is just easier to blame the driver since we do not really have a first tier support system. We can file bugs with Canonical, but the response typically falls far short of anything resembling a resolution.

On the other hand, graphics card drivers (both OSS and Blob) fall far short of their potential in terms of performance, features, and stability. How anyone could state the contrary with a straight face really shakes my confidence in this corner of the linux ecosystem. There will never be a linux desktop until these perception issues are resolved, especially considering someone can simply go and purchase a Mac and see what a Desktop should be.

What would make this a great post is if I actually had a solution for any of the issues.