Despite the fact that AMD drivers might not suck....I cannot get it to work correctly on any type of AMD APU without serious issues. A good example is video corruption, slowness, and it freezes a lot. If I leave my laptop with a AMD APu 3400m on the table for more than 5 minutes idle it completely locks up. Whereas my desktop which is using a NVIDIA Geforce GTX 550 TI has NEVER had this issue. I can leave it on for days on end. It just "works" I'm not exactly sure whats going wrong..but all I know is with my own experience the APU's just don't "work" the way they should..on Both 12.04 and 12.10 (current). I'd sure like someone to prove me wrong though. Is there some kind of fix? I do after all want to see ALL graphics cards work properly..not just one individual.