I was wondering who else read this: http://m.vanityfair.com/business/201...-steve-ballmer

I spent some time at MS (1999-2003) and can empathize with a number of the quotes in the article. I feel so many different emotions when I look back at my time at MS, I'm not sure where I stand on their issues. I think the crux of my feelings are "what should have been the pinnacle of my career and technical achievements was stunted by adverse managerial decisions and corporate tomfoolery". It's bittersweet, and I think I'm still too angry about the whole thing to form a rational opinion on the matter.

Does anyone else have thoughts on the matter? Was anyone in a similar position? If "Yes", how did you get over it (beyond leaving the company)?


Lol, cannot edit the title, should be "MS in Vanity Fair"