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Thread: GNOME Is Losing Relevance On The Linux Desktop

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    Thanks, but Ubuntu does not ship stock gnome by default, which is what this article and thread are about

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    Quote Originally Posted by crhylove View Post
    Created an account on phoronix so I could jump in and tell you all how much better Mint is than Ubuntu. Give it a shot. It's the native Cinnamon desktop, although I prefer the XFCE x64 edition.
    Mint is Ubuntu, with mostly just superficial changes.

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    I am with Ubuntu Unity on my laptop and I like it much. I like it more than Gnome3 or KDE because it is more screen efficient. In maximized windows Unity merges the window title bar as well as the menu bar with the unity bar at the top o the screen. That is one bar vs three bars in Gnome 3. Else I think about "all systems" are on right track with the super-button->type routine. Personally I think both Unity and Gnome3 is overdoing this routine when they take all screen space. IMO I think it would have been more elegant if the super-button just made an input line in the top bar for commands, maybe at most one additional bar for output (like last used apps/files and apps/files similar to input).

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