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For me neither, I'm quite happy with it.

But I live with a designer. We have a Windows machine just for Photoshop. And Illustrator. Yes, I know, I use Inkscape, but I'm not a professional.

There is a lot of specialised software keeping people away. I agree with you in principle, but this argument does not hold water with people who use their computers professionally -- and ultimately they decide to switch or not.

Digikam >>> iPhoto and Amarok >>> iTunes, these are not the problem.

I realise you live with a designwr but you must realise that the first-hand knowledge you have can't be generalized. I know professional designers (both corporate and freelance) who use a floss workflow. Inkscape in particular is quite poweful and has some features that illustrator doesn't.
I also know of designers who swear they need to run their adobe suite on a mac, but thats not the point. Professional designers (as in geting paid for their work) can, and do, use some of the floss tools.