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Really wish some developers would rally around Qt 5 and make an alternative to KDE. I'm tired of Gnome 3 and I dislike all the other GTK attempts to go back in time like Mate.
Despite the rocky start I think KDE and Unity are the best bets moving forward. However, now that Qt is LGPL(has been for a long time) and has an open governance model, I really would like to see a desktop environment take it seriously other than KDE.

I really agree with you!

Theres http://razor-qt.org/ but its developement sems to go slowly...
And its a pre-Qt5 and pre-Qml.

QML for desktop widgets and other stuff would be nice, and not that hard to implement (KDE4 has to made the whole Plasma desktop think for the widgets).

I hope Razor-Qt would pick-up Qt5 new features and make it a good desktop.