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Thread: Ubuntu, RHEL, SUSE, Amazon Linux On The Amazon EC2 Cloud

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    Default Ubuntu, RHEL, SUSE, Amazon Linux On The Amazon EC2 Cloud

    Phoronix: Ubuntu, RHEL, SUSE, Amazon Linux On The Amazon EC2 Cloud

    After providing benchmarks last week of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS on different Amazon EC2 instance types, up today are more benchmarks from the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. Rather than just tossing out a lot of Amazon EC2 numbers of the different instance types to judge their performance, this article offers benchmarks of different Linux distributions on the same cloud. Tested here are Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, Amazon Linux AMI 2012.03, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.3, and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11.

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    Default Microsoft Azure

    Ubuntu, SUSE and CentOS are available on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

    HP and Rackspace have cloud too.

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    Thanks, Michael; these tests were helpful. Confirms that I'm not missing out on much by using Amazon Linux and that I made a good choice to avoid RHEL 6.3. I was really tempted to go with RHEL because I love the stability, but I guess Amazon is a good compromise.

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    Question Does this tell us anything?

    If the benchmarks were compiled on each test system, and the test systems use different compilers, isn't this mostly just benchmarking the compiler performance rather than the components of the OS (kernel, file system, etc.)? This is in addition to the fact that the systems were running on "similar" CPUs. After reading this I still have no idea how each system actually performs relative to the other.

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