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Yes ninez I maybe did not do all my homework. fluidsynth from command prompt is the first thing I tried, now it seems obvious qsynth is a way to run it with the right flags. It seems to be a quit unixy enough program, I suppose it would be even possible to cook /etc/init.d scripts (or other) to run it in server mode, or just have a launch script for my application as you suggest (which I may want already for other reasons).
I agree fluidsynth is fairly unixy and flexible. I haven't used it much, but obviously last night i took a little closer look. I like apps that are designed so that they don't require X to run, but instead just their front-ends require X. fluidsynth seems to be quite extensive from the commandline and/or shell. You did notice the '--no-shell' flag, as well??? ~ that would be handy if you were planning on having it run all the time (in server mode), using one of the aforementioned ways discussed already.