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Thread: Wayland's Weston Gets Output Configuration File

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    No surprise there that the child will make stupid juvenile posts, and sprinkle them with lots of fucks.

    To all the "smart" people in this thread, how is the system supposed to know whether I want cloned displays or an extended desktop? And if the latter, whether the second screen should be to the right or bellow the first one? Unless mind-readers were invented when I wasn't looking, it can't. Hence config file. I don't need an xorg.conf to bring the displays up. But I can optionally use one to tell the system that the second display should be below the first, for example.

    And a comment like "I shouldn't need to write a config file" only shows your narrow-mindedness. I might opt to use an xorg.conf. But someone else might opt to do clicky-clicky in the KDE/GNOME/Other control centers to achieve the same.
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