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The worst outcome for Qt just happened.

The open core busine$$ provider of Qt Commercial just aquired Qt. First messages to the public: Lets fire some more people and focus on nonlinux platforms like iOS, win8 and Android. We all know what this means; Angry Qt devel will see theire relevancy to free software and linux will deminish thus attacking the Gnomers because they wont be affected by this royal screw up.
Still trolling and making irrational posts, eh?
Digia is not open core. They have the same model as Trolltech. The only patch delta was due to Nokia incompetence and they sell a few commercial widgets. Many many companies do this, like ICS and KDAB. Stop spreading open core FUD.
Nonlinux platforms? WHy are you so butthurt whenever someone adds support for another platform. What is wrong with it? Andriod isn't a non linux platform BTW and Windows 8 is a desktop OS, they need to support it. They supported previous releases you should not be surprised they support a new release.
Oh they say _enable_, you know that community ports are around right?

The marketing speak heavily implies that the focus will move to Android, iOS, and W8. VxWorks was not mentioned. Clearly with less people and new things to do = less people to work on the old platforms.
Does this imply that?:
Digia’s targeted R&D investments will bring back focus on Qt’s desktop and embedded platform support, while widening the support for mobile operating systems.”
Doesn't sound like it at all? By the way, supporting windows is nothing new, why are you surprised they are supporting a new version of windows? Shouldn't be a shock.
Right now Digia cares more about Desktop and embedded as thats were the cash comes from.

Qt needs support for andriod and iOS, it is a massive market and you are stupid not to be in it. Besides by porting Qt, it's probbaly just QML for now, which amounts to making it work on a different JS engine.
Less people? Community ports are around. http://sourceforge.net/p/necessitas/wiki/Home/