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Thread: What's in your Gnome Shell environment?

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    Default What's in your Gnome Shell environment?

    Yesterday, grege posted to a thread a list of Gnome Shell extensions that make the overall environment resemble Gnome 2.x. As someone who no longer uses Gnome Shell I found that pretty interesting not from a "here's how to get a Gnome 2.x feel"-type point of view but from a "here is a list of extensions that you can use as a starting point"-type point of view. Perhaps it would be informative to have an entire thread along these lines.

    So I'm curious...if you're currently a Gnome Shell user, what is your specific environment? What particular extensions are you currently using?

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    I use gnome 3.4. The only 2 extensions I use currently:
    Pomodoro (a time management tool)

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