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Thread: Linux Mint Forks Nautilus

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    Default Linux Mint Forks Nautilus

    After the Gnome developers butchered nautilus 3.6 (still in development), the Linux mint team has forked it. Their name for the fork is "nemo".
    Right now it is pretty much the same as nautilus 3.4

    Either way, I now use Cinnamon and will continue to do so as the Mint team seems to be fixing everything wrong with Gnome3/Shell's UI.

    Let's see if they can keep up with all the mistakes

    Edit: Might have put this in the wrong forum, is there a moderator or someone who could move it?
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    What? Why did they butcher Nautilus?... They want to "optimize" desktop to just a power-off dialog?

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    Quote Originally Posted by crazycheese View Post
    They want to "optimize" desktop to just a power-off dialog?
    * Suspend. Who would ever want to power off?

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